4 Tips for Designing a Mortgage Rate Comparison Website As Slick As Kanetix

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Internet visibility remains among the top ways for a business to stay viable. If you can’t stay relevant in an ever-changing market, then you probably won’t last very long. These days, it’s all about your website. Long gone are the days when a limited website will get you anywhere.

With the abundance of graphic design companies to work with and the increasing marketability of graphic design skills, you won’t have any trouble finding someone to redesign or create a new mortgage rate comparison website.

Nowhere is the need for striking, memorable graphic design more obvious than in the mortgage industry, where thousands of companies already exist to offer product comparisons. Using the following tips will help you design an effective Ontario mortgage rates website or whichever city you’re targeting.

mortgage rates website

mortgage rates website


The most important aspect to any website design is whether your readers can actually read it. Bright graphics, a childish font, and other flash design work can make a negative impact on your target audience. People want to find information quickly, without having to scroll through countless ads and promotional text.

Invest in a good website design company and domain name. This avoids the need for excessive banner ads and allows you to present your information in a clear, respectable font with neutral colors. It doesn’t have to be boring; it just has to be readable.


People will be looking at your website for specific information, not generic content. They could go anywhere else, but they chose your site. Now that you have them, you need to provide what they want. Posting a searchable figures widget along with a mortgage calculator are some good ideas.

mortgage calculatorAnnouncing important rate increases on the home page will entice people to check out the details within the site. Remember to keep the information easily accessible and readable. You don’t want to dissuade people from further exploration by confusing them with information they aren’t seeking.

Blog & Daily News

These days, people get their information more from the Internet than by actual newspapers. Online information gets transmitted fast, so you should be a part of this phenomenon. Keeping a regular blog, updated at least every week, will keep your site relevant and keep people interested.

The blog can be organized however you see fit, but it should provide more information than opinions. You can include things like housing trends, foreclosure listings, and other mortgage-related news. Utilize Google News’s impressive features to update your site automatically with mortgage rates information. Become the go-to source for mortgage rate comparison.


As a mortgage rate comparison website, you need to remain as neutral as possible. Part of offering people general but specific information about housing is making sure that you aren’t biased. This goes naturally with hiring a professional web designer and investing in a domain. If you eliminate banner ads, you’ll drive more people to your own site than people who will be sent somewhere else by clicking on external links.

You want people to know (or at least think) that you care about disseminating the information rather than simply driving traffic to your site. When searching online for a rate comparison site, your company should pop up first as a neutral, informative authority.

Building a successful website takes a specific skill set, so you should invest in the right web design company. Do your research, and become the authority on mortgage rate comparison. People will come to you for information; greet them with a polished and professional website that gives them the information they seek with a quality design.

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