7 Great Apps for Sports Fans

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Keeping track of what’s happening with your favorite sports is easier than ever with the number of apps available these days. Whether you’re interested in football, hockey, gymnastics, snowboarding, or whatever else, you’re sure to find plenty of apps that will allow you to continue your addiction while on the go. The abundance of available apps can make it hard to know where to get started, though.

Here are the top seven sports apps that are not to be missed:

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Thuuz is a great app for keeping track of which events are happening when, and even better, they’ll rate upcoming events for you so that you know which ones are the most important, can’t-be-missed events. You can set your preferences so that you receive notifications for sports and teams that you’re interested in, and you can also use the app to figure out where to watch the game. They currently cover NFL, MLB, NBA, NHL, men’s college football and basketball, Tennis, Golf, Soccer, Cricket, and Rugby, so the app is useful for a broad range of interests.

The Team of Your Choice  


If you do a search, you’ll likely find a team-specific app for your favorite teams. Although it can be obnoxious to have a dozen apps on your smartphone or tablet for each of the different teams that you’re interested in, if you can narrow down your interests to a couple teams, you’ll likely enjoy having your team’s app on your device. These generally offer a more in-depth look at players, statistics, and other logistics of the team, and they also often offer access to video streams with highlights from recent games. For some teams, you might find that they even have promotions for users of the app, such as raffles to win free tickets or merchandise.




Yahoo Fantasy Sports

If you’re interested in fantasy sports leagues, Yahoo Fantasy Sports is the app for you! You’ll be able to track information about all your favorite players, while at the same time reading through expert analysis. This will inform your decisions about the team you’re building so that you can create the best possible lineups. Even if you’re a novice at fantasy leagues, the app is user-friendly and easy to understand, so you should have no trouble getting your team off the ground.


Sometimes, you may not be able to make it home for the game that you want to watch. This could be because of work, appointments, or other activities—and even though you might be able to record the game to watch later, you don’t want to miss the action as it’s happening, and you don’t want to have the results spoilt for you via radio or word-of-mouth. If you have ESPN with your current TV package, you can use their app to freely stream the game to you other devices as well, provided you have an internet connection.


If you’ve ever tried to stream a game online and found yourself restricted because of your location, you know the frustration of having your game so close and yet blocked by a seemingly insurmountable barrier. What happens is, because of copyright restrictions, some sites are only licensed to distribute a program to viewers in their geographical area. If you’re currently outside that area, even if you’re a paid subscriber, you aren’t allowed to access that site. A VPN will block your real location by providing a different IP address to the site, making it seem as though you were back at home. ExpressVPN is one of the best options for getting around those pesky geo-restrictions so that you can stream your favorite games from anywhere.

TuneIn Radio

Although we’d all love to always watch our favorite teams go head-to-head with a rival, it’s not always possible, either because of your current location or because of the poor Wi-Fi connection you have. But sometimes, you can get away with listening to the game even if you can’t stream it. TuneIn Radio will allow you to listen to many of your favorite games, news programs, and talk shows, ensuring that you never miss out on the action as it’s happening.


If you’re a huge sports fanatic, you probably want to share what you love with your friends and the rest of the world. Fancred allows you to do that by giving you a social platform for sharing your photos, displaying which games you’ve gone to, bookmarking the articles that you’ve read, and just generally showing the teams that you love.

If you’re a huge sports fan, you’re lucky enough to have the resources to make your addiction even more manageable while you’re on the go. There are plenty of apps out there to help you with every side of your addiction. These seven apps will help you remember when your favorite games will be broadcast, watch them on the go, keep track of any news, and share your fandom with everyone else to ensure that you have the best fan experience possible.

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