A Beginner’s Guide to OLED TV

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OLED TV is one of the most exciting and talked about TV technologies right now. If you want to enjoy the highest quality television possible then you might very well be tempted to buy one of these sets.

So what are OLED TVs all about and how could having one of them enhance your life and viewing pleasure? The following are some of the most important points that you need to know about this technology.

The Basics of OLED

There are a few basic points you need to know, with the first one being that there are actually two different types of OLED TV; known as RGB OLED and White OLED. The word OLED itself means organic light emitting diodes and these different models use them in slightly differing ways.

These TVs work by using red, green, and blue lights to produce the images on the screen. A set contains more than 2 million individual pixels, providing an incredibly detailed and rich image for the viewer to enjoy.

With this kind of stunning display you are sure to want to watch more television and maybe look for better package options with a wider range of channels too.

The Cost

As you probably expect, OLED TVs are still very expensive, as this is new technology which has yet to become popular on a massive scale. You certainly won’t be picking up one of these TVs for a bargain price anytime soon.

However, it is expected that this technology will soon become more popular and begin to drop in price. Before too long, it could begin to be offered for the sort of price that many people would see as being reasonable for a top of the range television.

In the meantime, it is safe to assume that a lot of technology fans are happy keeping an eye on the market and waiting for the moment when prices begin to drop.

OLED TV vs. Other Types

One of the great technology debates right now is around whether or not OLED TVs are likely to be better than other types of television. LED, LCD and plasma are some of the other modern technologies that are around just now.

Each of these models has their fans and also those who aren’t so convinced. There is no doubt that each different technology scores highly in some areas and not so highly in others, with brightness and energy efficiency a couple of the big benefits of OLED.

What is clear is that once you see an OLED TV in action you are sure to be impressed by the vividness of the colors.

The Future

This type of television technology has actually been around since 2013, which is longer than many people think. However, high costs and limited availability have stopped it from really taking off in the way that many people expected.

Once prices come down and more models are made available, it is possible that these TVs become the most popular around. Having said that, the market is highly competitive right now and some doubts exist about the long term viability of OLED against its competitors.

OLED TVs offers a highly exciting way of watching television and it will be interesting to see whether or not it really takes off in the next few years.






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