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It is an organization that manages reservation of the IP addresses. It is done according to the guideline and offers the services to the public. Due to the domain name registration it gives you a good price of that. From the domain name you can get a lot of services. They give you free  domain parking,  lock-protect security , unlimited web forwarding and many other services which are free for you. It maintained the domain name registries which give or provide this service to the public. When the user selects the registers it becomes designated for the user.

Some of the popular registrar  that give you cheap domain register and help to register are as follows:

Name Cheap:

It is cheap as the name implies.  It is economical and it doesn’t build a name by itself. It gives you an offer you the cheapest  details in towns. Its reputation is on the customer services and its fantastic packages.  In their services its include free domain transfers, if you want to redirect  to  your home server they will give you DNS services, give you free URL and email forwarding. Their one year registration is only in $9.98.

1 And 1:

It is a five page star website and it is very simple. It gives you many services. It allows you an email storage up to 2 GB and gives you to shield your private information which is totally free. It also offers you free domain transfers. It is very cheap registrars. For one year registration you only have to provide $11.99 only.


It is the combination of domain registration and web hosting and special domain registration. It’s based on the photo albums, blogging tools, templates and a storage of  1 GB email account. It’s also included free mini hosting plans. It will only give you private registration, if you register five or more domains otherwise it will not give you private registration.  For one year  registration its cost only $9.99.

It is very simple and gives you an alternative suggestion of your domain names. It is also called Domain Gambler. It allows you to register domain quickly and cheaply and it is good to know that their services are flagged as unavailable for auction.  If you want a domain and it is unavailable to you so you can pay between $20 to $50. For one year registration its cost is only  $ 9.99.

These all our cheap registrars  from which you can get easily. You don’t have to pay too much.

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