Cool Gadgets Coming for 2016

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2016 looks like being a good year for cool new gadgets. Whether for Birthday or Xmas gifts or if you are a tragic gadget freak that has to have the latest new toy, there is sure to be something for you.

Just to whet your appetite we want to review a couple of cool gadgets available now.


The Hoverboard:

Ever since the movie ”Back to the Future” showed us the hoverboard we have been waiting for someone to invent one we could really use. Although there have been some interesting developments in this field there is nothing available yet that we know of that you can just grab and take to the streets.

Lexus, the car manufacturer, has developed a high tech hover board called “Slide” that uses magnetic levitation to achieve frictionless movement, created using liquid nitrogen cooled superconductors and permanent magnets. Apparently the ride is fantastic but it requires a special track that contains the permanent magnets and creates the levitation.

Others are working on similar concepts, even Google has tried to develop a hoverboard, but to date we don’t know of any commercially available products.

However there is a cool gadget that can get you on the streets today just like a hoverboard without the need for special tracks, in fact they can go anywhere there is a good surface.

Call it a hoverboard, self-balancing scooter or a mini Sedgeway, it is a board you can ride and steer, has rechargeable battery power and is fun and exciting to use.


The Airwheel Airboard.



The Airwheel Airboard is a close second to a real hoverboard. The board uses pressure pad recognition allowing you to lean in the direction you wish to go simply by pushing your toes down. The turning speed and response time for the Airboard is pretty much instantaneous, making it incredibly easy to turn and navigate and allows the user to have complete control.

The board comes complete with LED display, is well made and full of top quality materials. Charge time is only one hour and has a range of 12-14 miles (19-22 kilometers) at 10 Mph (16Kph).

Could I use one? You bet, I can see myself now zooming down the street to my favorite coffee shop, fast and easy, no parking worries, no fuel, no carbon emissions. Who needs a car?


The Hover Drone

Talking of hover gadgets my own favourite gadget at the moment is the hover drone. I am sure you all know of the hover drone and some of you might already own one.

For fun and photography they provide opportunities unmatched by any other gadget that I can think of. There are many makes and models on the market at a price to suit nearly every budget.

At the entry level you can buy just a basic drone with which you can learn to fly and some models even have built in HD video cameras. Other models allow you to add your own cameras like a Go-Pro video or a full SLR camera for high quality aerial shots.











For the serious drone pilot there is even a smartphone app called “Hover”. “Hover” is the must have app for drone  pilots! Features include: airspace map, flight logs, weather data, flight readiness indicator, and industry news feed.


If you would like more information on the Airwheel Airboard and some other cool gadgets coming in 2016 check it out here.

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