Dangers of Facebook

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facebook dangers

Searching and making friends online is the latest trend of the youngsters nowadays and that too from the facebook which is the world’s most popular social networking website and has about 500 million users using this website.

It is also a fact that most youngsters are the widespread users of facebook. At the home page of facebook it comes with major intention saying “stay connected with your friends” but some people say that it should be “stay connected with strangers” for what is happening currently.

From the beginnening of our childhood we have been taught  not to talk or keep contact with strangers, but when it comes to social networking, our kids forget them all and start making friends whom they don’t know. And they share their activities and interests.

With facebook you can share your photos, your email details, the college and school you have attended and many more details about you. With a single click the unknown person can get all the information about you. Though there are privacy setting on facebook but not all the users are aware of it.  This is serious problem for everyone that uses facebook. As most people accept requests of strangers and start chatting with them.

This stranger can be friend of your any friend or someone else with the fake name but there is no assurance with the social media network whether you are interacting with the correct person or not. As all know that youngsters are common users of facebook, most of the child predators and rapists have started to join the facebook by using phony names. And if these things continue it is sure that the entire world will suffer from child abuse activities.

Generally most of the children wanted to make more and more online friends to make their profile colorful. Chatting with these new friends initially begins with hi and finally goes beyond to nasty and unwanted talks. As this continues they stick themselves into photo and video threats.

There are lots of teenage girls who is been blackmailed by those videos and photos which they have uploaded on their facebook profile, so facebook is danger for children it would be advisable to avoid facebook if there is actually no need for it.

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