The Electronic Cigarette Battery Options

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It’s amazing how many choices the modern consumer has! One of the great things about the electronic cigarette is how fully customizable it is. Users can tailor each aspect of their electronic cigarettes to their personal preference. Another great thing about it is that it’s relatively inexpensive to try out a few options and see which ones come together to make the best experience for you.

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Three Options to Choose From

When it comes to batteries, electronic cigarettes provide three choices: basic manual battery, automatic vacuum activated battery, and automatic sound activated battery. Let’s examine each of these options.

  • The basic manual battery relies on a switch to trigger activation. The user presses the switch, puffs on the mouthpiece, and turns the switch off when finished. Many electronic cigarettes regard the basic manual battery as their preferred option, simply because it is the most reliable. This battery is fully sealed to prevent any liquid from seeping in and interfering with the function of the battery. One downside to this kind of battery is that, if stored in a pocket or purse without a proper case, it could be accidentally switched on. At best this could damage the electronic cigarette, and in the most extreme scenario cause injury.
  • The automatic vacuum activated battery is activated by a switch inside the unit. When the user takes a draw on the e-cig, the sensor senses the vacuum created by the draw and the battery is activated. This battery does not have as good a seal as the manual one, and it is possible that excess liquid can seep in and damage the very sensitive battery. Users who prefer the vacuum activated battery usually recommend not dripping into their electronic cigarettes so as to avoid liquid damaging the battery.
  • The automatic sound activated battery. As the  name suggests, this battery is activated by the sound of air rushing through it when the mouthpiece is drawn on. This fancy little battery is fitted with a tiny microphone to detect the sound. The downside to this battery is that, in a noisy environment, it can be accidentally activated causing damage to the electronic cigarette, or even burns. This is not the battery of choice for night clubs or motor sports activities.

Electronic Cigarette Battery

Always remember that the lithium-ion batteries most electronic cigarettes use are somewhat unstable and must be kept in the right environment in order to avoid it becoming hazardous.

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