Increasing Importance of Android Application Development

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In the tough time of global economy, companies are trying to optimize their resources where outsourcing business model is one of the ways to reduce the cost of business. At one aspect outsourcing model reduce the cost of business where in other aspect it emerge as a new economic model who provide the service for these outsourcing jobs.

Mobile application development is one of the fastest growing service in the outsourcing jobs. There are many mobile platform like IOS , Android, Windows Phone, Blackberry and many more where the outsourcing jobs are generated. But among them IOS and Android is the most dominating and revenue generating mobile platforms for business, as most users prefer these two platforms for their smart phones.

Android Application Development

IOS leading the application development outsourcing market for a long time, but recent years android emerge as more revenue generating platform and turn into market leader. Now a day’s more than 75% of the mobile market are android enabled device. This factor act as a catalyst to push the Android application development throughout the globe. Companies are now implementing new ideas of business through android to reach their users. It increases the global outsourcing market significantly.

For a beginner, Android application development will be a tough job unless they are used to working with the Android Development Tool (ADT). Android SDK tools are required if you are looking to develop an android application. The most important tools are Android SDK Manager, the AVD Manager, Dalvik Debug Monitor Server and the emulator. There are other SDK tools which are used frequently and to use them, an individual will probably need to download the guidelines. To get started one should download ADT bundle (If they are using windows). ADT bundle will give together

·         Eclipse + ADT plugin

·         The latest Android platform

·         Android SDK Tools and other small tools and apis.

·         Android Platform-tools

·         Latest update of emulator

There are some major benefits of Android application development. One of the most important benefits is the backward compatibility of the android applications. An android application can robustly support from android 2.0 Eclair to the latest version of android 4.2 Jelly Bean. So the target market of an android application is more vast then IOS application. Developer will not need to develop the multiple copy of an application in order to support multiple target devices from android based smart phone to tablet computers. Only change in the graphics and settings can make an application run flawlessly in multiple target devices. Main android development tools are open source and run in any platform Windows, Linux, Apple unlike IOS can only run in a specific Apple OS. Some of the best features of Android SDK include its ability to collect the information fast, tools for application debugging , compatibility to the graphics format and rich application development environment that enables effortless convenience to develop most attractive applications easily and in less time.

The competition for the mobile application is so tough now that a developer has to keep an regular eye on the new updates of the mobile platforms. iOS and Android are known for releasing the new updates in every two months. With every release there are certain changes in the development environment which developers has to cope with to remain in the race of application development.

Overall Android application development has been taking an important role in the outsourcing business. It helps to grow up the mobile application development outsourcing service as a new economic model of business.

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