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You don’t have to choose a dedicated server for your web site’s needs unless of course you have a rapidly expanding ecommerce site with thousands of visitors a day. Inexpensive Web hosting services and reliable ones at that can start for as little as $4 a month and go up to around $10. There are cheaper ones, and free ones, but with free ones you don’t retain as much control over your site as you would like and there’s probably no, or little, customer support.

Read the reviews of web hosts that are in plentiful supply on the Net and see what satisfied and dissatisfied customers have to say about them.

Web hosting services which are cheap typically rent or lease servers from a larger company with a data centre, and then offer customers their hosting services at reasonable rates. There may be problems if the host is offering thousands of sites a share in its server, but if you choose one that has been operating for a number of years, you are probably going to get a good service which offers customer support. With these types of servers you can choose your own domain name and it will be yours unless the name is already in use. You can also have control over the ads you place on your site.

Ask you Internet Service Provider (ISP) if they can recommend a good web hosting company or ask friends and acquaintances which web host they use. You will need a web host that offers technical support so that you have help in dealing with crises such as if your site gets hacked into. Many of the inexpensive web hosting services actually offer very good customer support, and offer upgrades from their basic services as your site grows. Check out a few Web hosts before deciding which is right for you.

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