OLED Vs. Quantum Dot: Which TV Technology Is Superior

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You may have heard a lot about OLED TV Technology lately, with some people suggesting that it will be the next big thing in home entertainment. However, there is also Quantum Dot technology to consider. In fact, it has been suggested that this might be as good as or even better than OLED.

OLED Vs. Quantum Dot

So what are these types of TV technology all about and which one is better for you? As we will see, there are many good points about both of these rival technologies, both of which could start to get a lot more popular from next year onwards. With so many other great gadgets coming in 2016, it looks like we are in for a really exciting year in terms of technology.

All About OLED

OLED is a type of television technology that has got a lot of people excited right now. By using individually lit pixels it achieves incredible colors on the screen. This approach also ensures that it has incredible uniformity and that it looks great even when viewed at an angle.

On the negative side, this is new technology that manufacturers haven’t yet managed to make affordable for the general public. There are also some doubts over how long these sets will last when compared to ones using more established technology. However, people who have seen them in action tend to enthuse wildly over the dynamic quality of the images on screen.

All About Quantum Dot

In this case, Phillips released the very first Quantum Dot model in 2015. It uses a new type of light emitting diode that lights up as a certain color when ordered to do so. It is considered as an excellent type of television that represents colors fantastically well. While they are still expensive, this is viewed as being a potentially very affordable type of television.

On the other hand, Quantum Dot can’t give us the exceptionally wide viewing angles, superior contrast and deep blacks that OLED can. It is essentially an LCD set with far more impressive colors. The production process isn’t all that different from standard LCD TVs but the end result is pretty spectacular.

So, Which One to Choose?

As both of these TV technologies are so new it is tough for most people to decide, as they haven’t really seen enough of either of them. This means that you might want to wait until you see both in action before you decide.

By around the middle of 2016 we should start to see both of these types of television set become more popular. Prices are similar just now but Quantum Dot sets should be cheaper before too long, possibly substantially so. In either case, you can enjoy stunning viewing on a wide range of channels if you choose a package from this site, for example.

If you want the best quality and most versatile set then OLED technology will probably be your choice. However, for many of us the expected lower cost and excellent performance of Quantum Dot may represent better value.


Whichever one of these fantastic new types of technology you go for, you are guaranteed an amazing and fresh way of watching your favorite movies and shows. Once you are ready to take the plunge and switch over you are unlikely to ever regret the decision, no matter whether you go for OLED or Quantum Dot.




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