How Parents Can Handle Their ‘Text and Drive’ Teens with a Mobile Spy App.

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Technological advancements are giving us something new every day but it’s usually a bad news when it comes to ‘teens and tech’ simultaneously. No wonder, technology hasn’t really spoiled anyone more than kids. An important issue that parents have to look at is the teens appalling urge to drive and text on their smartphone at the same time. It’s a habit that can take lives and actually, has already taken lives of hundreds of teens across the U.S. alone.

Why do Teens Drive and Text?

A new study tells us that what teens may be doing behind the wheels with their smartphone is not just texting; they even use apps like Snapchat, Facebook and Instagram.


So what’s the main reason? According to the organization conducting the research, it’s referred to as FOMO: Fear of Missing out. Teens are so connected with technology that it has become a part of their nervous system. So if they get a text or a notification, they are going to check it instantaneously.

Dealing with FOMO

FOMO is not something to new about human behavior. It’s similar to the phenomenon of ‘instant gratification’, that tells us that humans are more satisfied with impulsive behavior than with deferred gratification that they may receive by delaying the reward.

Technological and social pace forces teens to reply as soon as they get a notification on their smartphone, without caring if they are in the middle of something that requires their attention.

The study has also revealed that around 88 percent of teens, who consider themselves to be safe drivers, still use apps like Facebook, Snapchat and Instagram while driving.

What’s The Solution?

Parents need to limit the smartphone use of their kids. There are many mobile monitoring apps that can be used for this purpose. TrackMyFone is one such app that can be used to lock the smartphone of the kids while they are driving. Their driving route can also be tracked using the GPS tracker. So once parents know that the kids have reached their destination, they can then unlock their devices.

mobile spy app

Other benefits of a mobile spy app is that it is can silently monitor phone logs like calls, SMS, emails, internet browsing history, contacts and even calendar entries. This way parents can know what kids do with their smartphones all the time.

Smartphone monitoring apps are not expensive at all and may be worthwhile to help keep your kids safe.

The Mobile Spy App.

The Mobile Spy App is the better side of technology and teens. It’s something that has been a result of the effects of technology and gadgets around us. From our offices to our personal households, smartphones can be seen everywhere, from tech-savvy families to entrepreneurs with a need for information and control. Spy apps give that control back to parents and those who feel the need to be responsible for the actions of others.


Other Peculiarities of Smartphone Use

The study also related other poor habits of kids to smartphone use like poor sleep and driving while drowsy. Another study has explained that the screen glow from cell phones interrupts the optimal formation of the melatonin hormone that tells the brain that it’s sleep time.

Some studies advise that smartphones and other devices should not be used for at least an hour before trying to sleep.


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