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After you get a social media degree, one of the first things that you will probably wonder is what you should do for your career. After all, this is a very new field. Just ten years ago, people were not getting degrees in Social Marketing, even though it did exist. Even then – in the days before Facebook – it was all very new and companies had yet to capitalize on it. Social media was being used more for what it was originally intended to be used for: Communicating with your friends and family members, making plans and keeping in touch.

social media degree

social media degree

In the modern world, though, things have changed dramatically. These days, almost all companies are doing something with social media. Social Networks are the best way for them to get in contact with people because they can cater their advertising to people who actually like the things that they are trying to sell. Compare this to a billboard, which just targets random people on the highway in the hopes that they may be interested. That is a lot of traffic from drivers who do not care at all about what is being sold. With social media sites, people’s interests and habits are used to advertise things that they already want or need.

Get Connected with a Master’s Degree in Social Media

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For instance, car companies are doing this more and more often. People love cars, so they often follow the pages of car manufacturers or even dealerships on social media sites. They do this as an interest or a hobby. This gives the car company a foot in the door, though, that can be used for advertising. When a new vehicle comes out, the first place that it is announced is on the site. When a new sale is being run, the site is used to tell a lot of people who already want those cars that they can now get them for less. It is the perfect setup.

Get Connected with a Master’s Degree in Social Media

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What this means for you and your Social Media Degree, then, is that you can basically take any direction that you want. Just choose something that you like so that you will enjoy your work, whether this means working for a car company, a university, a clothing company or something else entirely. Make sure that you always keep up with the way that things are changing and developing, as this can make a big difference in how you approach the social media scene.

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