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If you want to stay “green” and take care about the environment you live in, there’re a lot of apps that will help you. It’s not enough just to make a decision to ride a bike every day and eat only natural food. First you need to find where to buy such food and where you ride freely. Here’re top 5 apps that will make your “green” life easier.

“Green” navigator

A very useful app Greenhunter is actual for both iOS and Android devices. The app represents a convenient navigator that will show you all “green” places. The main section of the app is divided into parts like “vegetarian city”, “bicycle city”, etc. Thus after just one click you’ll be able to see the location of receiving centers of recyclable materials, dangerous waste products and old tires. Also you may find where the farms that accept order for farm production are located. In the reference section you’ll find the information on natural food, cosmetics. You’ll learn, for example, why apricots are healthy and how to keep them. Alternatively you may just find the “green” places having sorted the list by distance or alphabet.

Greenhunter Green apps

What you shouldn’t be afraid of

Dirty Dozen app is essential for all those who are afraid of pesticides in food. It will tell about those fruits and products that contain fewer pesticides than other regardless of the conditions they were grown in. After downloading the app a user will be able to study the list of 49 products, from those that contain most pesticides to those that contain fewest.

Dirty Dozen green apps

Where to search for frogs

The answer to this question will provide the app called Project Noah. It is available both for iOS and Android devices. It will let users to see pieces of beautiful nature in the city and become the explorer him- or herself. If you see something interesting and beautiful you can share it with others on the app’s map. Other users will be able to follow the map and see it too. Nature sharing in action!

Project Noah green apps

How to save water

I’m sure that all responsible iPhone owners will like the app called My Water Diary. The will take notice of all your water consumption. As we almost always have our mobile phones with us it will take only a couple of seconds to record the information. The app is ready to take into account any water consumption anywhere. It is supposed that as a result a user will be able to see where he or she can save some water.

My Water Diary green apps

How to use the power of nature

If you install the app One Stop Green Mobile App you will be able to see how much efforts you will need to provide warmth and light in your house. This app will be especially useful for those who are ready to use alternative energy resources. All you need to do is to input some basic information and the app will calculate how many solar batteries and windmills you need to supply your house with energy.

One Stop Green Mobile green apps

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