Top 7 Project Management Apps

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Your smart phone or tablet is capable of almost as much power as your laptop in some ways. With the right apps, your smart phone or tablet can become your own personal assistant, helping you to become better organized and to use your time more efficiently.

For project managers, those apps could help them to ensure the success of a project and the continued success of their company. There are many apps that might be helpful, but we’ve rounded up our picks for the top 7 project management apps:

1. Project Planner HD (

This iPad app makes it easy for you to manage multiple projects. You can create Gantt Charts, which you can view by the day, week, or month to view and edit tasks, create dependencies between tasks, add notes about resources and costs, and much more. You can then create reports and charts and export them using iTunes, Dropbox or other services. The app costs $5.99, and you can even create a pin to secure your projects.

2. Projector (

Here’s another great iPad app that supports the use of Gantt Charts and is designed with professional project managers in mind. Each chart allows you to see project tasks, resources, a timeline with project start and end dates, and more. You can create a full Gantt schedule with task dependencies and more. You can easily follow the flow of work for efficient project management with the color-coded charts. The app costs $9.99.

3. Liquid Planner (

Liquid Planner helps you to manage your projects by scheduling all your tasks, tracking your time, sharing documents with your team members, and more. You also can create comment streams for easy collaboration. See where your projects are at a glance and export data and documents to team members or clients to update your progress. You can manage multiple projects with this app. The best part? The app is free.

4. Pivotal Tracker (

This full-featured app gives you everything you need to manage your projects. Create and prioritize stories for your team, then add comments or post tasks. You can add attachments to your tasks, such as images from your device’s photo library. You can quickly search by story to update as needed. The app is free, but you will have to sign up for a Pivotal Tracker account through the service’s website.

5. Scrum Pad Pro (

If you have an iPad, you can use this app to manage your projects and your team members. There is a great dashboard that includes a visual of a cork board with note pads — like a virtual working space. You can move notes between categories such as tools, in progress, and done. Schedule meetings, manage team members, and share documents through  You can also use it to report and collect statistics for your project.

6. SG Project (

You can use this practical app for professional or personal use. There are three built-in work schedules for managing projects, and you can easily rearrange rows in charts and reports for your needs. Drill down to the task level and create start and end dates for each to meet your overall project goals. You can use tables or Gantt charts for your projects, and you can share project files with other apps. The app costs $9.99.

7. xPlan (

Manage your projects with the use of Gantt charts with this app. You can get a graphical representation of your projects with tasks, resources, dates for tasks and goals, and milestones. You can use the app to generate a full Gantt schedule, including tasks dependencies. Create and export charts to share with other team members or with your clients. The app is easy to use and inexpensive (it only costs $9.99).

Are there any other apps you use to make your project management easier? Share them in the comments!

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